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Launchpad is dedicated to ensuring that brand elements in physical spaces are maintained, improved and upheld to encourage positive customer interactions. We are national award winners and specialise in corporate signage, project management, nationwide multi-site rollouts, full retail fit outs, event brand coverage and branded environments.

Digital Signage - content management

At Launchpad we can offer you digital signage solutions. Digital signage is an effective method to communicate key messages on an ever changing platform. With digital LED signage, the possibilities are endless and with the sale of advertising on your sign, digital signage can create a return that traditional signage cant.

About us

Work with us to ensure your brand has a strong and engaging presence in the built environment. By combining project management, an in house graphic design service and signage manufacture and installation, we deliver fully integrated brand management solutions. With fresh, innovative thinking, we work collaborativley with clients to make their brands stand out.

Launchpad specialises in corporate signage, project management, nationwide multi-site rollouts, full retail fit outs, event brand coverage and branded environments. Our clients include major leading corporations, architects, retail stores, property managers and construction companies.

Project management

Our dedication and meticulous planning allows us to drive innovative branding and marketing projects, from conception, to development, launch and delivery. Driving and monitoring the process every step of the way.

Nationwide service

Location doesn’t hold us back. Our work has taken us across New Zealand, with commissions in Australia and even Europe. Regardless of where in the country you want to be seen, we can deliver positive customer interactions nationwide.

Sign Installation

We work alongside some of New Zealand’s largest suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we deliver an exceptional quality and finish to represent your brand appropriately. Covering idea conception, to design and installation.


Engage with your audience using a versatile and ever changing platform. With the latest technology we install and maintain your LED screens through customised content. Delivering endless possibilities unavailable through traditional signage.


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